Khwaja Khurshid Anwar (1912-1984)

Assistant MDs

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Assistant Music Directors in India

Khurshid Anwar composed music for 10 films in India , 8 in Mumbai and 2 in Lahore( before partition). Except for Gadekar, others just worked under him for one film each.

KURMAI (Punjabi) 1941 G.M.Durrani
ISHAARA 1943 S.K.Prem (He was brother of MD A.K.Prem)
PARAKH 1944 Gadekar
YATEEM 1945 Gadekar
PAGDANDI 1947 Pundit Jawahar Lal Mattoo (son of Jivan Lal Mattoo, famous classical singer)
AAJ AUR KAL 1947 Prem Dhawan
PARWAANA 1947 M.A.Mukhtar Qureshi (he composed for one film - CHEHRA(1947).
He was killed in communal riots in Jallandhar -1947)
SINGHAR 1949 Roshan Lal
NISHAANA 1950 Albuquerque
NEELAM PARI 1952 Sebastian

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